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The conferences that Samael Aun Weor imparted were always in formal settings; however as the number of gnostic students increased the practice of asking him to record those talks for people of other countries increased too. Therefore, he was asked for permission to record his words during excursions to archaeological sites, walks and even his private conversations with his disciples.

This part of the collection includes all those informal recordings.

This part of the collection includes all those informal recordings. In here, you will find answers to questions which will allow you to make clarifications and specifications of interest to all those who follow their own process of inner realization or "Great Work”.

Because of the nature and the context in which they occurred we have also included the lectures he gave at the "First International Gnostic Congress" in 1976 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The congress offers a glimpse of his vision of the work he had done and the one that he was about to do: He opens up to massive media and gives instructions to make modern gnosis a universal option in the spiritual revolution through the studies of anthropology. Then, he begins to put emphasis on what he calls "the last times” and outlines the components of a major catastrophe which will affect the current civilization and will result in its renewal. This was always the frame of reference to its insistence on the formation of a new culture and a new civilization because, as he said in his words, that process will culminate, with the passing of centuries, in a new race on earth.

The testimony he gave during this event is extraordinary because it is a spiritual challenge and because that event is an evidence of the global reach of his message due to his influence as well as its implications. It is founded on the peaceful rebellion that characterized the message of Christ and the great compassion that distinguished Buddha and he would magisterially summarized with his closing words “Inverential peace”

this way made some things clearer such as the following:

The recordings obtained this way made some things clearer such as the following:

While in his early books he taught techniques for the development of the inner faculties or "psychic powers" in his later years he there was a topic that is present almost all his speeches and messages: he constantly tried to convince his listeners of the need to eliminate our own psychological defects as well as raising awareness as the only way to be able to test his teachings.

The other way, the way of using wonders and supernatural demonstrations to convince them, was not always of "his interest" as he said; when he used them he limited it to specific situations and, almost always, in private.

The organizational part of the institutions he founded during his lifetime to increase its presence in virtually all countries of the American continent was highly complicated and lacked support staff and physical infrastructure virtually all focused on him as founding president, accounting more and more of his time in guidelines, protocols, appointments, etc.

The process of publishing his books is also a chronicle of his progress as he developed his initiatory path, so that in his personal conversations you can find corrections on his ideas and approaches made to his earlier books. Given the practical and experiential approach in his work, only in two of them he made a new "revised and expanded" version about ten years after it was first published. (1)

It is worth mention his books that address political and social issues in which he included the platform of a political party in the early seventies, nevertheless, in spite of having an open stand to the publishing of all of his books the way they were, he ended up recognizing that the participation and political organization of people gathered with the common desire of spiritual growth could be unproductive because of the incompatibility between the traditions and political practice of the time,  which have not changed, and the challenges of the spiritual way. It is why he suggested that the emphasis be given to the other books.   

At a crucial moment in his exposed life, as the nature of his books, he had make decisions about his own initiation process which put him in danger of having to leave the physical body. Resolved and reckless as he was, he decided to continue "doing whatever it takes" - in his words. He was about to get the Philosopher's Stone again, which he predicted he would achieve by 1978. In the days when he was seriously ill it was not guaranteed to his close ones that he could remain in his physical state because that decision was "in the hands of the Father" so he himself gave precise instructions on how to perform the cremation of his physical body, in a implicit acknowledgment that the cost of that, the greatest spiritual triumph, including the largest payments: physical death.

He had a natural ability to perceive the spiritual being that animates all living things, but mostly he paid special attention to the case of people who have developed some esoteric degree in their previous lives (and he referred to as "Bodishatwast fallen" ), with the stated purpose of which "will rise again.

Due to this attitude his spiritual name was known during his life, that spiritual name belongs to the being within each human, of many people who interacted with him it is worth mentioning Mrs Arnolda Garro Mora (1920-1998),  -LITELANTES, his wife. Mr. Julio Medina Vizcaíno ( 1908-1994) -GARGA KUICHINES, the first editor of his books. And Mr. Joaquín E. Amorteguí Balbuena (1926-2000) -RABOLU, pioneer of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Martha, Colombia; because he mentioned them in his books and referred to them as “masters”.  

Despite the fact

Despite the fact that this status brought them followers and adversaries who did not accept them, those of us who spent time with them keep plenty of experiences and testimonies of many aspect which are exclusive of the spiritual category, without leaving aside the fact that there is an evident difference between mastery and perfection in the mastery.

Those disciples, as well as others who were around him during his latter days, were the heirs of his spiritual legacy, however they were incapable to stay together so eventually as time went by they ended up establishing their own organizations.

Currently there are a great diversity of Gnostic Schools and organizations around the world, so the recordings that are published in this collection in addition to being a direct point of reference of the way of thinking and teaching of that who wrote the books that have served as basis for such organizations are, along with his books, a whole compendium of what can be referred to as the gnostic doctrine left by Samael Aun Weor.

Samael’s physical disappearance was also a way to reinforce his message which over time has gained greater importance. Some of his most memorable quotes are: We have created a great spiritual movement with international reach and nobody and nothing will be able to stop it in this luminous and triumphal march”. “Don't look at my person, I am not interested in the cult of personality”…. “out the finances from the Universal Gnosticism”… “I quit forever to the copy rights”…. “We only want one thing: to love the whole human race”. All these quotes are found in this part of the collection of his work, therefore it is important to keep in mind that in him there was always the hope to be able to continue in person with the projects he had planned for the future, in his last days, sure of which was the final decision, he told his family and friends over and over: “Don’t hold on to my physical body, the best of me is what I have taught you, that is where you should look for me"  it is nothing but an eloquent epitaph for him who managed to pass from a simple life to the heights of a powerful founder of a movement of spiritual renovation which is being adopted by more and more people in the world.

(1): “The perfect marriage” and “agreement of Occult Medicine”