D I A N O I A 

Master Samael lived his last 20 years in Mexico, the country from which he planned the spreading of the Gnostic teachings. The Gnostic schools that were founded in the American continent with his support, at that time, included two levels, the beginner and advanced (in words originally used by him were called FIRST chamber and  SECOND Chamber).
Soon a Third chamber which included twenty members who due to their perseverance and dedication had become worthy of such distinction was included. Master Samael used to meet with this group several times a week. These meetings were the platform from which he gave the messages that later became part of this collection. The Third Level was a trademark of the Master's presence because there was not other like this one anywhere else.


Several of his book were compilations he gave to this group..

Several of his books were compilations of lectures he gave to this group; therefore, as the years went by, after his physical demise, there have been other attempts to get together for the same purpose as a result of this many new titles have emerged when addressing some of the topics he used to address before this audience.

At the time of his talks, the recordings of his discussions and lectures did not have a title; therefore we have used an empirical method to name them, this method is based on his habit of outlining the issues that he planned addressed before his talks, also trying to respect the name given to them when the recordings were labeled.

The physical space where these meetings took place was simple and austere. It was located in the center of Mexico City, the extraordinary feature of this place was his presence in these intimate settings that kept him immersed in the vortex of one of the largest capitals of Latin American, but it did not stop him from addressing the world and mankind in an original and challenging perspective.

Throughout the years, his great intellect, deep respect for what is sacred, and the weight of the mission he knew he was steward were deployed, giving it a stronger and stronger sense of urgency even to have eschatological implications.

He used to insist on sending a message to those who were interested in achieving self-fulfillment and taking part in the establishment of a new culture and civilization, assuming that the undertaking of the path of self-destruction given to mankind would end up affecting it.  He did not see a way out of this self-destructive state in a social context but in a personal one this is why he urged everyone to test by oneself what he was teaching. 

In short, what he teaches is based on the awakening of consciousness through the elimination of the psychological defects and the use of some specific techniques provided by him as well as the embodiment of the moral spiritual principles which everyone has as a potential development, this process is called  "Second Birth " .

The Second Birth consists in the creation of inner bodies that make possible such extraordinary events it is based in the transmutation of the Sexual Energy. He dedicated most of his books, and many of his lectures, to explain procedures and symbols that are related to the "Sexual Alchemy” since it is because of it that we can achieve both the elimination of the ego and formation of the inner bodies. He strove to make clear that “the initiation” is the life itself and the progress in it is measured in relation to what is being achieved both in the awakening of consciousness as well as in the creation of the solar bodies.


As a repercussion to these two basic aspects of his dictrine

 As a repercussion to these two basic aspects of his doctrine (awakening of consciousness and second birth) he always emphasized the importance of selfless sacrifices for the wellbeing of humanity, which is to develop and practice love for our neighbors.  A way we can express it, but in a more dignified form, is to teach others to do the same.

Samael Aun Weor emerged and became well-known among all writers in the Latin-American cultural context because of the radical of his message, the clarity of his arguments and the practical sense of his doctrine. He soon found in the cultural legacy of the ancient American people the ideal complement for his message which was foreseen that it would reach the whole world. His approach is oriented to reveal symbols and doctrines whose symbolic patters have been same of old times but with different people, circumstances and times. In spite the fact he is not the first to embrace this great work, in which he has stood out because of the wide diversity of cultures he reached with his message and the clarity and deepness he addressed them. 

Thus the Gnostic teachings which were originally spread from America relies on anthropology as a way to signal the path that allows anyone in different countries and cultures to find his or her own spiritual identity and hence change the course of personal destiny by a method of self-fulfillment which he called "Conscience Revolution"

 He always went beyond the established religions, no disrespecting them, claiming that the future of the mystique of the New Age is merging the best of each of the great religions. He made special emphasis to reveal how to integrate Buddhism and Christianity.


Only a spiritual person with characteristics

 Only a spiritual person with characteristics like his could speak of intimate self-fulfillment of Oneself, of the origin and end of the universe, of the initiatory path of the Absolute, of the Angels, of the higher dimensions of the nature and the prophecies of the doomsday, to draw from different perspectives to our ears, once and again, the path of the Great Work and its requirements.

It is important to mention that because these words were first addressed in Spanish, a language full of metaphors and slangs, and then translated to other languages it has been difficult to keep the majesty of the mental images triggered by these messages at the moment they were conveyed. This is why we try to keep them in the context they were placed at first and, when possible we have includes the original recordings in audio format. Why he chose this language to undertake this epic feat instead of a prominent cultural language from Europe or a more widespread language as a consequence of demographic reasons such as an Asian tongue, how he did this Great work, the manufacturing of meanings he used in order to be what he was; a “Messenger” is a mystery around its origins.  

 Here, then, is the testimony of that Great Being

For many of us who knew him that fact was circumstantial, for others it was transcendental, but whether you met him in person or not, if we consider that for sensitive people craving to meet someone there are no barriers, because although their bodies are separated by distance, the spirit of the one who inspires someone else can fly toward the spirit of those who seek him. You get to know Socrates when your soul is touched while reading Plato and as long as this can be done through his books and lectures: we will find Samael every time we are inspired by reading him, and listening to him motivates us to try his Spiritual Revolution proposal, which due to its demands it is not reachable for multitudes; in spite this is not the first or the last it has set a milestone in Universal History.