The conferences of Samael Aun Weor’s second chamber are the ones that were spoken.

P I S T I S 


The collection conferences Samael Aun Weor, is the testimonial of an author of more than 60  books written over 27  years of work.


His books are a compendium of different cultures, religions and carefully selected some references to authors, framed with intimate revelations to go delineating what at first was only the unveiling of the initiatory path, to become, over the years a more comprehensive approach called "the path of Self realization of the Being" and finally to be synthesized by him in the brief but highly symbolic expression: "the way to final liberation."



If we assume all his books...


If we assume all his books might say that begin with the phrase: "the initiation is life itself ... if you want initiation, write it on a stick ... that"stave"is your backbone".


Initiating a prolific activity that does take pains to describe the processes for the "awakening of Kundalini" his climb up the backbone, careful and strict rules that govern it, called by him "the merits of the heart" and their practical implications, ie, degrees and powers are inherent, which occurs at the stage of disseminator and a trait that characterized all his life almost simultaneously: that of investigator. This is especially accentuated when in the early 50`s assumed the investiture of "Avatar -messenger - of the new Age of Aquarius" and wield it as a reason to write as many books as varied themes.


However, inexorably, his last books culminating in a detailed and comprehensive description of the Christification process, and is also unique in being transmitted in first person.


Since the internal development as well as propound it, has much to do with the mystical experiences or "experiences in the internal worlds" because it is based on the awakening of consciousness, it is important to know who left a manuscript published posthumously in book form, entitled "for the few" in the form premonitory warning: "All truly positive view, must be fully supported by the facts of the physical world ... the truth is not far from human nature "." If we consider truth departs from human nature, then, it can not be true. "and that never ceases to draw attention because since his first books he warned that this knowledge disseminated and organized for him by way of teaching they are not for the crowds, but only for "the few".


The first book he wrote was published in Cienega, Colombia, in 1950. It was titled: "The Perfect Matrimony or The Gateway to Initiation" and was signed "AUN WEOR". 2000 copies, which were distributed among pupils and acquaintances, soon were spreading from one hand and mailed to other cities and countries in South America, its effect quickly generate arrival the author of letters were published both Colombia and other countries, and thus was brewing the Gnostic Movement.


The practical and direct language you use in this first book, a trait that dominated his literary style, collided head-on with the esoteric in vogue at the time, which was dominated by the esoteric literature of the nineteenth century and early twentieth, predominantly of European origin. The tone of his earlier writings are a reflection of local problems from that era; with bold assertions and belligerence managed to break through and get attention.


In the first written works are elements of the Rosicrucian, Theosophical, etc. teachings, since it belonged to several of them in his youth. Years later is remarkable the presence of the teachings of Krishnamurti and Gurdjieff in his books.


In these early works and his lectures you can find citations and explicit references to Arnold Krumm Heller in relation to the Rosicrucians, Elena Petronila Bavatsky and extensive Theosophical literature, Krishnamurti in relation to meditation and analysis of mind and Gurdjieff in relation to the Fourth Way.


All authors widely known in the esoteric literature of the time of its formation.  He commented that he liked litte read and to meditate on what I read and investigate the inner worlds in the sense of the claims of the authors. It has published an illustrative case of this attitude to coincidences with other authors, which corresponds to a note in the margin of the book "Beelzebub's Tales to his grandson," written by Gurdjieff:  "parroting, writing what others wrote It is mental deterioration, degeneration. But wear our own ideas and experiences, with rich language and quotes from texts and authors, it is essential to make great work on behalf of humanity”. His favorite author, according to his close associates, was Fulcanelli.


Books later years that stage he termed as the "weeding and land preparation" own farmers before planting cover is characterized by thematic focus into development or initiation process, with a labeled dedication to ensure it only which had already experienced personally.


Making a chronological analysis of his writings, it is possible to identify in its books was acquiring knowledge in their own initiation process; so we can describe the following order:


Initiations of Lesser Mysteries: “The Perfect Marriage or Gateway to Initiation. (1950)


Initiations of Major Mysteries:


First Initiation, book "The Revolution of Bel" (1950), Second Initiation, book "Notes of a Guru Secrets" (1952), Third Initiation, book "The Seven Words" (1953), Fourth Initiation, book "Igneous Rose" (1954), Fifth Initiation, book "Christ Will" (1959)


In 1954 came the spiritual birth, that is the incarnation of hisreal inner being, so that from that date he began to sign his books as Samael Aun Weor.



Reactions to the books...


Reactions to the books includes not only enthusiasm and supporters, but also critics, for example the book "Secrets notes guru" wrote from jail, to avoid problems he retreated to the top of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia however even in the solitude of the Sierra persecution they continued, so that was ordered by the masters of the White Lodge, to leave Colombia because his life was in danger. Then he undertook with his family a hard journey, which took them to travel throughout Central America until you reach Mexico.


In 1955, already living in Mexico, he wrote the book "Greater Mysteries" synthesis of initiatory work he had done in the five initiations of Major Mysteries. In that book, divided into three parts, he devoted the third to give first organizational guidelines for the Gnostic Movement, but was still reluctant to shape an organization as such were known, so he simply give directions "the Apostolate" and the need arising out  "Sanctuaries" (Light points or centers)...and the  Gnostic Instructors   were opened everywhere …


To disseminate publicly as of Gnostic origin his teachings, is you say identified with Christianity and Jesus Christ, took pains to deliver a Christmas message every year, which made from 1952 until 1977. With the characteristic that from 1964 messages were written entire books, one each year, and subtitled "christmas message".


Are several aspects of his teachings that had a gradual development to become what they are now reflected in his writing:


In 1960 he was when he first says that people have no incarnated his Soul, which have only an embryo of soul, and to embody the soul is needed to have created the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being


At the beginning of their outreach responsibilities he thought that all human beings have the internal bodies, mainly because he had, and that created other existences. Besides these statements were part of the influence of the esoteric literature of the early twentieth century, which assumed that all men and possessed the inner bodies. Once he verified that the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called man does not own the authentic astral, mental and causal bodies, which is not born with them, and should create intentionally included in his books the need for "second birth".


In this first stage, when he started writing books, it was not clear the theme of "I", as in some of his early works used the classical terms of the pseudo-occult literature of the time, like "I-Higher", "I-Christ, "" Divine Self ", etc., to refer to the Self. Years later made a clear differentiation between the SELF and the EGO radically eliminating all kinds of "I-ism" to refer to the the inner Being.


After reaching the clarity in the process of eliminating the Ego and the creation of the internal bodies, in 1962, he summarized his proposal on what he called the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness:


The "mystical death" (elimination of the ego), the "second birth" (the creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being) and the "sacrifice for humanity" (dedicated efforts to teach others the path of self realization).


It is starting 1963 that speaks synthetically why and wherefore of the existence of the Gnostic Movement as an organization, but it is in terms of content that changes were becoming more evident.


In the Christmas message of 1964-1965, "Technique for the dissolution of the ego", is notoriously visible that change, there began the process, he called to teaching in a "higher octave" as a metaphor of musical language. From those years it was that began to clearly state the psychological work of death of the self. During the preliminary stage, the books of the fifties, spoke of "sanctification," and work on the defects was presented as a struggle of will, ie deny himself based will.


However despite already talking about the need to "Die in itself," he had not yet come to describe the process of "disintegration" of the ego. This is evident precisely in that book, which was showing the removal of the ego through understanding. Samael insisted for several years to achieve through the elimination understanding the psychological I, for so he had read in the teachings of the Fourth Way of Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti's writings.


For 1966 and based on their efforts and dedication came to the conclusion that it is not enough just to understand, he discovered it takes "something more" to eliminate the ego. In the message of Christmas that year, "The Buddha Necklace" dedicated an entire chapter entitled "Kundalini" to teach first in his work, which only the Divine Mother has the exclusive power to eliminate the ego. From then on all his books he insisted, again and again, in this fundamental idea of the Gnostic teachings.


Additionally he began to explain that the creation of the solar bodies is a process related to the Divine Mother, why they are called "twice-born" and also if it is accompanied by the elimination of psychic aggregates gives, which comes at this point, a split personality, a "double center of gravity" and called the grave danger of "Hanassmussen".


The solution to this "problem" it includes for the first time in the 1967-1968 Christmas Message, "Esoteric Course of Runic Magic". Insisting, without doubt, that deep understanding is necessary to eliminate the "I", but only with the help of the Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti, the "igneous serpent of our magical powers," is this possible.


This, central to his teachings, approach initially described as a delicate and patient work until you reach specify, in the early 70s, which indispensably includes repentance, because in his words "if the water does not boil at 100 degrees it is not cooked what to to cook, not eliminated what must be removed ", ie it emphasizes that the process of elimination of the ego leads us not only to " learn to manage the launch of eros", but also go through intentional "emotional crises" product of repentance and forces us to "pay the price" for mistakes made.


In 1969 makes further clarification, even before this year, he believed the "twice born" were forbidden to return to the Ninth Sphere "for all eternity", but found that to enter into the mysteries of the "second mountain" is necessary to go back to the "Flaming Forge of Vulcan"and he wrote in his book "My Return to Tibet" (Christmas Message 1969).


As of 1970 and for the next 7 years...


As of 1970 and for the next 7 years (1970-1977), the work of Samael acquires an even higher level, the degree of considering them the best summary of his teaching, in those years wrote the following books, all as Christmas messages except the last.


"The Parsifal Unveiled" (1970), "The Mystery of the Golden Blossom" (1971), "The Three Mountains" (1972), "Yes, there is hell ... Yes, there are devil ... Yes, there Karma .. . "(1973)," The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac "(1974)," Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology "(1975) and" The Great Rebellion "(1976).


His last book was the "Pistis Sophia unveiled" however was unable to finish it, so that was published posthumously, with explanations that cover only slightly more than half the book, however, are sufficient to give a broad big picture of what this extraordinary book contains.


Some claim that these latest books are enough to get our hands full and effective in our own self-realization tools, although most still published all his books without major distinction, even without specifying the year of its original publication.


The first part of his book is for those who wrote between 1950 and 1963 totaled 13 years in laying the foundations of the Gnostic Movement, basic writing books subsequently considered emerging because, in his words, is "kindergarten books."


The second part, which he calls Average Education, was developed between 1964 and 1977, the year he died. It was another 13 years of intense work in which, in a didactic way through the Christmas Messages of each year, clearly gave the keys inside job. In these years he instituted the chairs he gave at Third Chamber generalized the habit of recording them, some even with the express intention of turning them into books.


The third part, which he called higher education was not delivered as he had glimpsed; He said that would come later and that was related to their presence in Europe.


Part of that teaching is in their chairs Third Chamber and in the last two books the "Great Rebellion" and the "Pistis Sophia unveiled".


The theme that we can identify in this level of his teachings and has no background, ie does not correspond to any author before him, has as a preliminary stage "corrections" that way of clarification made on some aspects claimed by other authors . So, he insisted in recommending the study of the major works of HP Blavatski making specific statements of this author, about the true nature of 'I' comments and the "I-higher" or divine and avoid confusing each other, besides being very emphatic in clarifying the issue of internal bodies insist that no all have created, which is essential to create them know transmute the sexual energies, revealing a series of explanations of the science of alchemy that makes this possible. He clarified that in cases like his, who were born with them for having created in previous lives, the work focuses on "the restoration of fire" in those bodies. No one has explained the science of the Great Work of the way that he has made.


With respect to Krishnamurti has insisted recognize his great contributions, typical of an awake Being and own concepts, to clarify that methods of analysis and "liberation" of the mind and consciousness are not sufficient to eliminate the defects of psychological type, Krishnamurti's teaching lacks management "sacred fire".  In the words of Samael: "mind by itself can not fundamentally alter any psychological defect, can hide the self or others, can move from one level to another of the mind, but never eliminate them radically, that is, reduce them to cosmic dust. "


The same respect and recommendation reflects toward Gurdjieff, who took much of their input and systematization made about the awakening of consciousness, making two clarifications: the doctrine of the many egos taught by this author, is Tibetan origin and a much more delicate observation that underlies the teaching of Gurdjieff and is related to "have confused the annular serpentine fire or Kundalini, with Kundartiguador organ". By denying the attributes of the Divine Mother in the human psyche, the masterful presentation of the problem of I´s  and bottling of consciousness made by him, lacks final solution.


Since its appearance were causing adverse to the inclusion of quotations and references to authors as mentioned in some of his works opinions, as they rarely include all the data required in academic environments, with no evidence that it has made for personal or financial benefit, as their books, while he lived, were printed by methods of rudimentary printing and publishing of people close, ie were not recorded and when they started coming to publishers at a public event -the Guadalajara congress- gave up the copyright.


Finally, it is human nature itself that makes the approaches agree on basics, for example, references to the "demons of Seth" among the Egyptians, are the same "psychic aggregates" that speak Tibetan Lamas and obviously "the multiple selves "of the teachings of Gurdjieff.


But where the contributions of Samael shine by themselves, ie they are not related to any author before him is what has to do with the nature of the Real Inside Deep Self and the integration process that is submitted for the road to the ultimate goal he proposed: intimate self realization.


It is also most notorious posed method to get it: Using a special combination of mystical longings with sexual energy in motion. Because together constitute a magic formula to everyone, he called "sexual magic", but so picky nature, demanding so much patience and purity of purpose, which contrasts markedly with any offering immediate results which is typical of this time.


Goes beyond the authors before him when he reveals the existence of psychic aggregates in "the hidden part of our psychological moon", the need to eliminate the personality and "memories" of the ego. It was far beyond the creation of the solar bodies to raise its purification process to be worthy of being "swallowed by the snake", entered in the esoteric sense of the devil, that is the nature of "Lucifer" as the giver of "sexual fire "and the process of" whitening the devil ", brilliantly summed up in the phrase:" the temptation is fire ... .the triumph over temptation is Light. "


All this was framed in an austere life, living in rented houses, totally dedicated to his mission and that grew to full public exposure he always wrote what was living.


His books testified in his talks and lectures, which gave no support texts and provided a framework to be subjected to constant and intense questioning by his disciples, only to record a level of understanding and admirable consistency.


Inner self realization is a common approach to all religions and ancient philosophies, so the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor not intended to be new or owner of any exclusivity. Ultimately it is an attempt to clarify and merge in all the necessary knowledge so that each person making reality itself.


He spoke of evolution but involution, also of death and especially the resurrection, knowing his work makes it possible to understand the meaning of the enigmatic phrase that can mean ending his message: "death is killed death for all eternity. "