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The conferences that Samael Aun Weor gave to the public, were in all type of auditoriums and theaters of different cities of Mexico. In the last three years of his life, they took a special relevance, where he did an intense activity, traveling all around the country. That also allowed him to be interviewed by the Mexican press, radio and television. The Master always showed up very formal. The typical sequence was that first of all, they used to show up the presidium that usually used to be integrated for special guests and invariably included his wife: the Master Litelantes, and then, at the very end of the conference the expositor used to take the floor.


Public conferences

His wife, Miss Arnolda Garro  (Litelantes), use to be attentive to her husband´s dissertations, always serious, unalterable, she didn´t use to speak publicly, and use to walk always on his side, although with a singular feature: both of them taken of the hand.

The Gnostic doctrin that he thought, was particularly his wife part and this kind creature, seemed a part or an extension of her husband´s work, because when she used to sit beside him on those stages, they both mixed up in an inexplicably harmonic way, without a doubt, her presence influenced the Master´s teaching divulge, modifying them and making them more serious and sweeter at the same time, as his character was. In his books, he mentioned his wife in several occasions testifying her contributions for the work been done.

The Master Samael

The Master Samael, use to select the topics and titles of his conferences looking for  those were of the auditorium´s interest, considering that it was the late seventies of Mexico with visible results for those that use to attend, they were pronounced with completely filled auditoriums. He was distinguished for the vehemence of his unusual statements, the emphasis of his hands, and his effort for being limited in the announced topics.

His own control in the art of the oratory, use to have one of those strange secrets, that just the psychologist can explain us because the persons that usually have a simple imagination, and a pure heart, tell apart between a fanciful tale and what promises to be real. His voice use to permit to see the difference between the true and the false one, between the spirit language and the verbiage. That was the real sensation that you could feel when you were listening to him.

 Everything that he used to say was a kind of promise and use to communicate to his auditorium, interior certainties in a continuous effort for make the people that were listening, find the right meaning of his message. 

That metallic sound of his voice, always was trying to traduce stoutly the most unusual images, to those to use to hear him, let us attracted and baffled at the same time. They were tones of a language of an unknown world´s people. How many times have been happened than someone introduced them to the crowds, the contemporaries, of those who have dared, just few times have been recognized.

When he used to show up on the TV shows for been interviewed, it was frequently appreciate the visible difficulties that the interviewers went by for the common incapacity to make him some questions. Then, the presence of the people that use to be in his team work, was necessary for finishing some of the questions and help end the interview.

The cities that he visited

The cities that he visited on that last stage, generally used to include, welcome or goodbyes meals, with groups of Gnostic´s students that had the opportunity of greeting and sharing with him. He was a very kind people in his daily behaving. Frequently other persons use to try to get his autograph in one of his books, or just to make him some question. That was the way we knew a quiet way of walk person, very simple, and, just to say it in a colloquial term, gentle in his daily issues. Paraphrasing Fulcanelli, that distinguished author, that decoded the gothic architecture, and the universal symbols to the light of alchemy, we could say that he was talking about him, when he was doing references to the old buildings ant to the initiated ones that he wrote: “Its inconspicuous semblance, and the modesty of its appearance, frequently just work for watch on them, what they really have of superior.”

He, and his written work, derived in a purpose to live isolated, because in many years, he didn´t allow visits limiting the treatment towards their readers to exchange by mail used for that and a postal mail box, to which all their books in life made reference. His message seemed created for each other. Both were strange, both belonged to the old times, or to unknown or promising world. It´s impossible to separate the man from his doctrine. This is the same.

Today, we introduce him to the non hispanic speaking, thanks to many people´s effort that on that time recorded his speeches, then they transcribed on a typewriter  and now, through the internet, they place it to their disposal, through text and videos.