The conferences of Samael Aun Weor’s second chamber are the ones that were spoken to small groups of Gnostic students in different cities of Mexico, although they have also been included here those topics that because of the topic are apt to those who already have some background of the contemporary Gnostic studies and constitute an important part of the legacy of this great initiate contemporary.


He explain that his teaching was given in stages.

He explain that his teaching was given in stages. The first one was with the initial books, written between 1950 and 1962. At that time he showed a kind of belligerence against the theories that were in vogue and to

the schools that professed, after that, he explained that were a labor similar to the farmer that before to plant it should prepared the field where he will deposited the seeds. The second one he defined as the composed of his

written books, one each year as “Chrismas message” it was from 1963 and ended in 1977 whit his physical disappearance. At the end of this stage he included the

teaching that he gave in the Third Chamber, some of them were recorded with the intention of turning them into books.


The content of his teachings

The content of his teachings, to those who have already begun to apply the techniques taught, includes a legacy vast of research and developments, all of them related to the spiritual development of human, which covering a period of 30 years or work and reflect your own step bye step process or initiatory path.

The third stage, he didn’t get to make it, it was based on his personal presence in Europe, those plans were interrupted by his disembodiment.

 Reveals the keys of the alchemy, the keys bye the yellow dragon and the Tibetan Buddhism and includes precise indications on how to consult with angels, devas, demigods, etc., in first person.

This is how we have a stunning lucid and coherent version of the universal myths of the Egyptian origin, Nahuatl and Hindu. We know the meanings behind the legends of the Holy Grial, the mysteries of the medieval

alchemists and the Nordic runic language. Because of him we have testimony of the esoteric meaning of the Greek mythology, the coded language found in the Christian gospels and the teachings of Buddha.

Reveals the keys of the alchemy, the keys by the yellow dragon and the Tibetan Buddhism and includes precise indications on how to consult with angels, devas, gods, etc., in first person.

In a show of erudition he talks about the oldest Hindues traditions and Gnostic texts from the early centuries of Christianity to display it to the light of what is known as “the Great Work” of alchemy.

Because of his explanations

Because of his explanations its clear that were releated the ones that are making the Philosopher´s Stone and the Buddhas of compassion. Including an extraordinary description of the nature of God and the Devil.

Explaining the existence of “rays of cosmic evolutios”, that includes the different dimensions of nature and cosmos, and the existence of spiritual beings that habit them, no longer needed of changing religion, each person

can find their true spiritual heritage and his integral realization where life has placed him.

The Gnostic teachings start from Christianity because it where they begun to spread, however, are of universal application. It provides the conviction that once started the path to the self-realization the adversities starts to

decreasing and the spiritual identity, once discovered, makes us live the brotherhood beyond religion, linguistic or geographical differences.

His books can be found on many internet pages, not their conferences, so this collection is exclusively based on recordings made mostly in his last three years of life and that contain common topics found in his books and

with some additional elements tell us unreleased versions of his writings but now in a higher octave.